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Recent Scenario of Nursing Home Care BD

Recent Scenario of Nursing Home Care BD

It can be easily said that as a developing country, Bangladesh is doing a great job. Now a day, we are getting busier with the hustling lifestyle. Meanwhile, we may face a typical scenario of taking care of the elderly or a newborn baby. At this point, we feel the necessity of nursing home care. Nursing home care BD, or in other words, daycare, is the professional staff or nurse who takes care at home for those who are aged or chronically ill. Now people mostly get at a loss about exploring the current condition of nursing home care in Bangladesh. Nothing much to worry about; anyone can quickly get to know by the end of this article.

What are the available Nursing Home Care services in BD?

As a part of the development and need, they are already a few daycares established. Unfortunately, most of them are Dhaka based. Though, most of them promise to provide services 24/7. The few renowned daycares are going to be discussed thoroughly. Payra Nursing home care is the most renowned daycares situated at 330/7 tv link road, Rampura, Dhaka. It was established in 2015. Till now, they have supported a wide range of patients. The other renowned daycares are Family home care, Nursing Home Care service. Most of them are available online by their website and serves people by tile-appointment also. Now the most crucial point is to decide which daycare to select. The easy step for choosing the perfect daycare is by the services they provide.

What are the services provided by the Nursing home Cares?

Each of the mentioned daycares provides service almost the same. The provided services are,

Nurse Service at home

Whatever the need is, they provide both male and female nurses who are trained in a good manner. The nurses are needed for the aged or chronically ill old folks. Sometimes the elderly people of the family might be in need of special take care, thus the nurses’ step forward to help. Also, this is too magnificent.

Baby care at home

Most of the time, both the newborn baby and the mother, after the operation, need heavy supervision and care. Also, the babies who are aged between six weeks to pre-school mostly need nursing because of being busy.  

Doctor home visit

Sometimes the preferred doctor may not be available, or maybe the reason is lighter. Such as just injecting or measure BP. Thus the daycares systems are one call away. This comes in handy only if you are too much busy.

Physiotherapy at home

Often other diseases or illness leads the patient to a different disorder or functionality issues. Also, it is not only about illness, but also it is about fitness. So, by a specialist physiotherapist, the daycares provide physiotherapy at home almost 24/7.

One call service

This is the most convenient service by the daycares in Dhaka. For making a reputation and reach service, they always try to stay only one call away as they are mostly Dhaka based. Thus they try to make themselves always everywhere available.

Oxygen Support

This is the most common support provided by the daycares. They provide oxygen cylinders and relevant equipment. Also, most of them ensure the equipment checking prior to supply. Also, the price can be negotiated depending on the client’s budget factor.

Palliative Care

Basically, nursing care and palliative care are almost the same things. The nurse provides palliative care. But it only differs in location, timing, and eligibility issues. But, palliative care is all about comfort and increasing it in a good manner to ensure safety from other diseases. This service is provided by Day night nursing home care.

Cancer Patient Care

A cancer patient is always a matter of worry to the family. But, a well-trained nurse in cancer may relieve the family of their beloved ones and takes very good care of the patient. The nurse may plan a long care plan by discussing it with the main doctor. This service is also provided by Day night nursing home care.

Hospital attendants Care

In crucial times, a patient or the loved ones of the family might need constant and continuous attention in-home or anywhere else. And as a working person, you may not manage time to be an attendant at the hospital. Surely then, this service might help. This service is provided by especially Sheba agency.

Which Nursing Home Care to choose?

Taking consideration of all the services, now it must become easier for one to decide which one to select. Actually, the selection and the choices must be made depending on the service needed for the patient because we are always caring for our loved ones. So, there must not be a second thought on choosing the best option as a daycare. If directly thinking then, the Nursing Home Care is the oldest one to Sheba agency the newest one. Services are the same as mentioned above, but the type or cost may vary. Make sure to understand the costing scheme before confirming. Nursing homes also highly recommend it.

The scenario has already been changed. Now, in need, you can manage a daycare for your beloved ones easily without any hassle. There are many options to choose any one among them. The daycares cover almost every aspect of need, Such as newborn babies to the elderly who are close to death. Also, the mother of a newborn to a fitness freak. Now it can be easily said that Nursing Home Care in BD is not like a myth now. It is well developed and working its way through.

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