Suppose you are in emergency need of medical help and there is no doctor and nurse in the hospital available, how would you feel? More often we face such situations and wish that if there were a hospital which had an all-time sufficient doctor, nurse, and 24/7 facilities available for every patient and no scarcity of doctors or nurses that may be able to provide the best physiotherapy in Dhaka.

Do you think it’s impossible? No, it’s not. If you are looking for such a place for help then Payra Home Care is the place for you. It provides medical help to in-home service as well and the best part is that they have extra supplementary stuff for emergency, vacation, or leave of stuff so that you don’t have to wait for help.

Physiotherapy in Dhaka

Often we find it hard to work for hours after hours for back pain. Have you ever thought about why it happens? It may be not only a simple pain rather than other symptoms that we may fail to understand.

It can happen for weight gain, pregnancy, disc injury, auto injury, or sports injury. In this situation, physiotherapy can help the best and the best service provided for physiotherapy is provided in Dhaka is in the Payra Home Care, which not only identifies your problems but also gives help in their mobile phone services as well for your any inquiry.

Best Physiotherapy Center in Dhaka

Physiotherapy gives services to develop, keep up, and reestablish the most extreme development and useful capacity all through life expectancy. This incorporates giving services in circumstances where development and work are undermined by aging, damage, illnesses, disarranged conditions, or natural components. Useful development is central to what it implies to be healthy.

And Payra Home Care is a trustable place that not only provides the best physiotherapy service to you but also hears your sufferings and gives special treatments to ages and physically challenged people with extra care with 24-hour observation, doctors advice, and even doctor at home service and regular check-up.

Bangladesh Physiotherapy Hospital

There’s an extreme deficiency of good physiotherapists to serve the huge populace of Bangladesh. Though with time the number of services is increasing still there are only a few that can give the best service.

The health-related and economic benefits of physiotherapy are not felt by the majority of Bangladeshi citizens. Bangladesh physiotherapy hospital is one of the hospitals that provides physiotherapy and also there are few more hospitals as well but the quality of service provided by Pyra home Care is unmatchable in terms of physiotherapy, the dedication they put to cure is patient is rare to find in other hospitals.

Best Physiotherapist Doctor in Dhaka

Physiotherapy is concerned with recognizing and maximizing quality of life and development potential inside the circles of advancement, avoidance, treatment/intervention, habilitation, and rehabilitation. This envelops physical, mental, enthusiastic, and social prosperity. And Payra Home Care provides the best physiotherapist doctors in Dhaka in their clinic.

Physical treatment includes the interaction between the physical advisor, patients/clients, other wellbeing experts, families, caregivers, and communities in a preparation where development potential is evaluated and objectives are concurred upon, utilizing information and aptitudes special to physical specialists.

To ensure the best treatment they arrange monitoring and orientation for their staff and doctors so that we can get the best service. Experienced Doctors only provide the service and registered nurses do their jobs .skilled, experienced, licensed, and also for security the authority checks the criminal background as well of the stuff and makes the clinic the place of our trust and belief.


Sufficient staff, One call service for any query, oxygen service, old age home, baby care service, Doctor at home service for elderly and physically challenged people all together in the same clinic, isn’t it too hard to believe?

But it is true, Payra Home clinic is providing all these services at the same time just like a wholesome app that can provide the work of all other apps. But this clinic is better than an app as their on-call service ensures that you get your want fulfilled is just one call away, so the app can not be function at one time but this clinic can.

The supplementary staff and doctors provide systems to ensure that the patient with pain and difficulties doesn’t need to wait.SO, undoubtedly it can be said that not only for best physiotherapy in Dhaka rather Payra Home Care is the best clinic in Dhaka in every respect.


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