online health services

online health services

online health services

Gone are the days when you have to wait for hours for getting services from doctors at hospitals, wait in the queue for getting appointments. Today we can get access to the doctors we want to be specialized in any sectors, order medicine online, ask for home care service, and what not? Now even all these services are provided online too all at the same address on Payra Home Care, the best online health services in Bangladesh.

Online health services in Bangladesh

We provide online home services all over Bangladesh including a one-call service, home care service for old-age people, baby care, oxygen cylinder supply, physiotherapy services, etc.

We provide all the services online, orders for medicine, required home doctor service, experienced monitoring stuff, companion support for an elderly patient,s and beyond the medical needs, Our nursing home also supplies oxygen cylinder for the industry as well. Its quick and qualities service has made it the best online health services in Bangladesh

One Call Service 

We provide services whatever you need in the fastest and quickest way possible. Your need is our demand. Doctor, nurse, medicines, any query of yours will be met here. The answer is just one call away with the dedicated service of our  24/7 monitoring team.

You don’t need to wait for getting the phone line busy, wait for the disconnection problems or jamming in the network system as our team is there to monitor every call and answer every call to reach your query at that very moment you feel the need and try to give the immediate online service asked.

Old-Age and Baby Home Care service 

We provide the best and secure home doctor care services to the patient and the people required. You can ask for whatever kind of service online and we will ensure the services required will be delivered at your doorstep.

Companion service, medical help, personal care service to old age people who can go to hospitals or who are not willing to go to hospitals are provided. For babies we take care of their health and nutrition and all the services can be asked for online.

Oxygen Cylinder Supplier

We also have the fastest online service delivery for oxygen cylinder supply all over Bangladesh. Portable, compressed. liquid all types of oxygen cylinders are supplied by our team.

Here you can find the quicken service in any hour at a reasonable price with our best supplier service.

Best Physiotherapy in Dhaka

We also provide the best physiotherapy in Dhaka. Often in the heavy routine of regular work life, we ignore our back pain, muscle pains, etc that can lead to larger problems that can be solved with physiotherapy. But also for lack of time for came to hospital people may miss their check-ups, for that patient we provide our best online service over the phone and to home doctor service as well.

Home Doctor Service 

Our topmost experienced and certified doctor with specialized services are all available for online query and home doctor service as well. The patient’s comfort is our first priority. That’s why we provide the best home doctor service to your doorstep same as in the hospital with regular checkups, monitoring, and all services required. We charge a very minimum cost on all our online services with the maximum quality service.

Cost of Home Care Service 

Many nursing homes are there in Bangladesh. But our service is the finest and reasonable one. You can inquire how can we offer so numerous administrations with such a great quality conjointly give the benefit at a sensible price? The reply is exceptionally straightforward really we need our individuals to live a healthy, pressure-free, comfortable life and for that, we center on our great quality of work, not point at the profit maximization process. We accept the mantra of serving mankind.

Health Care Number Bangladesh 

There must be a lot of health care numbers in Bangladesh but we ensure the best service to our clients at a very reasonable price with the best quality. With our experienced staff, specialized Doctors, and regular orientation for newer skills, knowledge, and updated technologies we are always up to date. Our 24/7 monitoring policy, online service on the phone, and home delivery also are best known for our quality service. There is never a scarcity of doctors and stuff as we always keep supplementary doctors for emergencies.

The benefit of Online Home Care Service 

Payra home service always thinks about the comfort of the patient. We treat all kinds of online services to vulnerable patients and to people who may don’t like to come to hospitals thinking of germs and contamination. There are often such scenarios visible that from the hospitals to get treatment people came and unfortunately get contaminated with other flu. that’s why thinking of our patient’s comfort we provide all our services online and home service as well. we provide online health services in Bangladesh.

Why Choose Us

We are here to provide all your needs to meet be it online or in person. Just as our hospital services our online services are also of the best quality. Our special home doctor service for old age people, baby care, portable cylinder delivery service, one call online services all are on demand for our fastest delivery within a reasonable price. All our services are the best online health services in Bangladesh.

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