Home Doctor Service

Home Doctor Service

Home Doctor Service

In-home doctor benefit is a benefit when the specialist visits you at home after you are incapable of or prefer not to visit a specialist personally. To supply comfort and quality therapeutic care from experts from your zone is the sole purpose. Home visit doctors are not a few of the most recent developments. And ancient mold is coming back due to numerous reasons. We bring the fastest, most solid restorative benefit arrangement to each region in Dhaka. And with the several facilities included Payra Home Care has the best home doctor service in Bangladesh. We have the best doctors, staff with all the experiences and expertise.

Home Doctor Service in Bangladesh

Payra Home care provides the best home doctor service in Bangladesh for old age people, babies, and people who may not come to the hospital or for people who are not willing to come to the hospitals.

The total method is completely computerized with the assets of the best quality. On best of that, we have a group continually observing everything 24/7 to guarantee the smooth running of the framework.  

When somebody demands our benefit, a commencement starts immediately. The assigned doctor will be at your address within 30 to 60 minutes as it were. The benefit beneficiary will be able to see live nourishment of the doctor’s area.

We have the best bunch of experienced and licensed staff, experienced doctors with specialization. We keep supplementary doctors and staff so that you don’t need to wait. Also for the security of our patients, we do background criminal checks of stuff. Orientation, training, and newer technological advancement and practices are also introduced to the team members and doctors for the best quality to provide.

Benefits of home doctor service

We serve as a home doctor for elderly people and kids for vulnerable patients who can not come to the hospital 

Save Time and Energy 

To begin with, holding up your arrangement number to come up at the doctor’s chamber takes hours and hours. There’s ordinarily an expansive crowd most of the time. Moreover, there’s a possibility of far-reaching germ contaminations. 

Home Treatment 

Not all illnesses require hospitalization, but or maybe inferable from nonappearance of offer assistance at home, patients end up in nursing homes and crisis clinics for clinical thought. It is in those cases that the domestic visit specialist closes up being especially important, as they can without much of an extent provide clinical thought at domestic.

Avoid the Risk of Diseases 

You’re 100% uncovered to microbes and other infections around, Particularly kids and elderly individuals are inclined to catching the germs and infections. Age does not matter. It gets more troublesome to remedy once you are encompassed by unfortunate bacterias. Instead, house call doctor benefit could be a more secure alternative. Domestic medicines are more comfortable than anything.

Old Age Home Care

We also have a special home care service for old age people, We provide companion service, special health care, personal care service to them. We provide experienced people and doctor help for them to ensure topmost care Home visit specialists help for elderly folk’s people, as they are the ones who require clinical thought the foremost and are also the ones who have the foremost inconvenience in voyaging.

Baby Home Care Service

We also provide baby care service as well. Monitoring about the temperature, hygiene, and cleanliness, their vaccination, proper food chart for babies all are provided.

We also ensure routine check-ups, regular follow up, weight measurement, balance nutrition chart whatever is needed for a child is always a matter of our concern. We ensure the health and nutrition of the child under the supervision of the doctors.

Any kind of difficulties, malnutrition, symptoms of autism, or any viral or diseases may not occur, or if it occurs that we try to provide the necessary treatment to make sure the steps required are taken in time.Payra Home Care is the safest, secure, and healthy address for your child’s home care.

Cost of Home Care Service

Many nursing homes are there in Bangladesh. But our service is the best and reasonable one. You can ask how can we provide so many services with such good quality and also provide the service at a reasonable price? The answer is very simple actually we want our people to live a healthy,tension-free, comfortable life and for that, we focus on our good quality of work, not aim at the profit maximization process. We believe in the mantra of serving mankind.

One Call Service

One of the supporting services for the proper home doctor service is the one-call service. Through this service, we ensure the best advice provided on the phone with all the queries meet of the people. All the solution of people is just a call away.

There is no waiting or buffering system as our 24/7 hour active team members make sure that may every phone is answered. All the services asked and even help from the doctors at the phone, any kind of advice and provision home doctor can be also ensured in this process. We also ensure the fastest delivery and the home doctor requirement the fastest time possible.

Why Choose Us:

Payra Home Care is an answer for all your health issues which can be solved sitting back home. They have the best team with the best doctors. We provide the best home doctor service in Bangladesh including vulnerable patience, old age people, baby care, and a lot more. All that too with the shortest time, most quickly and at a reasonable price as well.




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