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In-home doctor benefit is a benefit when the specialist visits you at home after you are incapable of or prefer not to visit a specialist personally. To supply comfort and quality therapeutic care from experts from your zone is the sole purpose. Home visit doctors are not a few of the most recent developments. And […]

No one understands the importance of old age home care services as we do at PAYRA HOME CARE. As one of the state’s maximum dependent on domestic care agencies, we make senior care viable for older adults inside BD. Our aged care presents valuable aid to their own family. traveling Angels makes it less difficult […]

internal heat level, feed accurately by sucking and don’t have scenes of anomia. Ordinarily, release from medical clinic happens between weeks 34 and 40 of postmenstrual age, and with a load of between 1800-2000 g, additionally relying upon the degree of reality the patient has shown. When home, these kids have a progression of medical […]

Suppose you are in emergency need of medical help and there is no doctor and nurse in the hospital available, how would you feel? More often we face such situations and wish that if there were a hospital which had an all-time sufficient doctor, nurse, and 24/7 facilities available for every patient and no scarcity […]

Gone are the days when you have to wait for hours for getting services from doctors at hospitals, wait in the queue for getting appointments. Today we can get access to the doctors we want to be specialized in any sectors, order medicine online, ask for home care service, and what not? Now even all […]

Oxygen Cylinder has a significance in the medical industry which can not be described in words because it’s an element that doesn’t have any alternative, it is the only alternative for itself. Not only in the medical field but also in the industrial sector, oxygen cylinders contribute a lot in the work of iron cutting, […]


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