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In-home doctor benefit is a benefit when the specialist visits you at home after you are incapable of or prefer not to visit a specialist personally. To supply comfort and quality therapeutic care from experts from your zone is the sole purpose. Home visit doctors are not a few of the most recent developments. And […]

No one understands the importance of old age home care services as we do at PAYRA HOME CARE. As one of the state’s maximum dependent on domestic care agencies, we make senior care viable for older adults inside BD. Our aged care presents valuable aid to their own family. traveling Angels makes it less difficult […]

internal heat level, feed accurately by sucking and don’t have scenes of anomia. Ordinarily, release from medical clinic happens between weeks 34 and 40 of postmenstrual age, and with a load of between 1800-2000 g, additionally relying upon the degree of reality the patient has shown. When home, these kids have a progression of medical […]

Suppose you are in emergency need of medical help and there is no doctor and nurse in the hospital available, how would you feel? More often we face such situations and wish that if there were a hospital which had an all-time sufficient doctor, nurse, and 24/7 facilities available for every patient and no scarcity […]

Gone are the days when you have to wait for hours for getting services from doctors at hospitals, wait in the queue for getting appointments. Today we can get access to the doctors we want to be specialized in any sectors, order medicine online, ask for home care service, and what not? Now even all […]

Oxygen Cylinder has a significance in the medical industry which can not be described in words because it’s an element that doesn’t have any alternative, it is the only alternative for itself. Not only in the medical field but also in the industrial sector, oxygen cylinders contribute a lot in the work of iron cutting, […]

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  • Quality
  • Payra Home Care BD has been enlisted as an Inspection nursing Firm for home nursing service, medical equipment supplies of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.
  • We will not disclose this information to any third party when you make any personal information available on our site. We always make our customers’ safety a top priority
  • We have a professional team. Each member of our professional team is very skilled, honest and hard working. They provide 24 hour service as per customer’s requirement.
  • We are a provider of nursing home service in bangladesh. We consist of experienced nursing home care who have been active in the nursing home care for more than 10 years.
  • We are for ourselves we provide 24-hour emergency service to the patient's as needed. Our nurses solve the patient’s problems very efficiently.
  • We are the only ones who provide our services with a Life Time Guarantee to our customers.


Nursing home care Dhaka

Nowadays, there are numerous greater patients who prefer to live at home for their recuperation and a secure dwelling. Their own family prefers Nursing home service in Dhaka for their loved ones. Family home Care BD offerings are provided at home or in centers together with Senior residing location or Assisted living centers. Nursing Home Care BD services have usually performed an important position in preserving sufferers healthful and happy in lifestyles and at home. there is not anything like your very own house.

Homebound, bedbound, wheelchair binding, or essential assistance is the Nursing Home Care offerings for sufferers living each day sports (ADL). Nursing Home Care offerings encompass offerings protected through most insurance.

Payra Personal home care bd offerings are always supplied underneath the direct supervision of a doctor and beneath an authorized plan of care. domestic healthcare services have a written plan of care and desires for every affected person.

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আমরা ঢাকা বিভাগে সকল জেলায় আপনাদের প্রয়োজন অনুসারে নার্সিং সেবা প্রধান করে থাকি । তাছাড়া আমাদের রয়েছে দক্ষ পেশাদার নার্সিং কর্মী বাহিনী। আমরা ২৪ ঘন্টা সেবা প্রধান করে থাকি, আপনার প্রয়োজনীয় যে কোনো মূর্হর্তে আমাদের টিমের সাথে যোগাযোগ করলে আমাদের টিম আপনাদেরকে সেবা দিতে প্রতিশূতি বদ্ধ।

আমাদের সেবা গুলা নিম্নরূপঃ
১/ দক্ষ কর্মী দিয়ে বয়োজৈষ্টদের সেবা প্রধান করে থাকি।
২/দক্ষ কর্মী দিয়ে শিশুদেরকে দেখাশোনা করা হয়।
৩/ বাসা-বাড়িতে গিয়ে ডাক্তার সেবা প্রধান করে থাকি।
৪/ অনলাইন স্বাস্থ সেবা দিয়ে থাকি
৫/ ফিজিওথেরাপি
৬/ কম মূল্যে বাসা- বাড়িতে অক্সিজেন সিল্ডিন্ডার সরবরাাহ করা হয় ।

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Best Nursing Home Service BD

Are you looking for a home nursing service in Bangladesh? Want help from nursing home service in Dhaka with bathing, clothing, bathroom assistance, eating, patient care, injection, insulin, saline, catheter, NG tube, and dressing?

If yes, then we are here to you with the nursing home support in Bangladesh

Home nursing services include a wide range of healthcare services that can be easily provided to your home. Home care nursing services are usually less expensive than hospitals and nursing homes while being just as effective as the medical care offered in a hospital or nursing home.

Nursing Home Service Dhaka 

The Nursing job in Bangladesh is developing rapidly and doing very well. This profession is contributing largely to the medical sector of Bangladesh. The health care team consisting of well-trained nurses is serving in many ways.

Nurses of Bangladesh are now prepared to make contributions in enhancing the great care of clients for the attainment of the goal of national health services. Right now there are about 20000 registered nurses of whom 14686 nurses are operating in the government sectors and services.

Medical home service Dhaka

Payra home care is one of the finest and skilled nursing agencies that are offering medical home services in dhaka, clinical equipment, oxygen cylinders, physiotherapy, and all types of medical and nurse supply in dhaka for home patients. We’re offering long term nursing home care service at an affordable rate than all other agencies. All our previous patients are very satisfied with us for offering an excellent service.

Payra Home Care

The usefulness of home health care bd cannot be described in words. Getting admitted to a hospital or nursing home is hazardous. On the other hand, getting good nursing care remaining inside the home helps a patient recover rapidly. It is a proven fact that people recover faster from their sickness while being surrounded by their relatives and close ones. Payra home care provides the best nursing home support in Bangladesh to all those patients who need us.

Benefits of Nursing Home Care Services

Nursing services help to improve diet and nutrition. We provide all the necessary support to the patient when his/her relatives are not present around to look after the patient.

  1. You will get very special nursing care being within your house.
  2.  It also supports diet and nutrition. Payra Home care’s nurses will be there to support the patient in your absence.
  3. Our expert nurses help to improve chronic health conditions.
  4. We provide you the best nurses so that you can avoid unwanted hospitalization and hazards.
  5.  We focus on our patient’s health, necessary foods, and medicines.
  6. All of our previous clients have recovered very soon.
  7.  We also offer medication and mental health support to the patients.

Nursing Home Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Payra nursing home care gives an exceptional care service for a patient outside the medical institution and gives the maximum care. The services that our nursing home care provides are bathing, dressing, and eating in addition to supplying effective care aid which may be included in the remedy and tracking and treatment by professional and registered nurses.

Our domestic nurses excel in implementing services including post-surgical Care, Eldercare, continual care, Tracheotomy, Urinary Catheterization Care, Wound care, Injections, and IV infusion, Diabetic care.

Types of Nursing Service 

We provide various types of services including:

Post-Surgical Care

Post-surgical care is not easy and includes everything from pain control & feeding to breathing management & fluid management. Get proper and foster care under the care of our nurses, who will assist you with all of this in the comfort of your own home.

Urinary Catheterization Care

Our nurses are very skilled and can help you with the process of Urine catheterization care at your home; be it catheter insertion, catheter elimination, or bladder wash

Oxygen administration

Oxygen management is needed in both acute and chronic conditions like trauma, hemorrhage, shock, breathlessness, a pulmonary disorder, and so on. Don’t panic in case you require one. Name a Sheaba agency nurse domestic and sit again, while she does the needful.

Wound Dressing

Did you recognize that the recuperation system varies depending on the wound kind? Our nurses are skilled in coping with varied varieties of wounds-put up-operation surgical wounds, inflamed wounds, and strain sores and could for this reason offer appropriate wound care for faster recuperation.


Save your time from the travel and lengthy health facility hour for a minor method like injection management or IV infusion. Just book our nursing service to get a skilled and registered nurse who will come to visit you at home to manage the specified injection or IV infusion.

Why Choose us?

Our professional and well-trained nurses take great care of the patients. They take care of a patient’s health with their professional knowledge. Our nurses are also trained to care about the patient’s mental health.

We offer all-in-one medical home service at a very affordable service price. Good sense of timing and patience are the best qualities of our nurses. You can have full faith in us and remain tension free. Your suggestions are very valuable to us.

We appreciate every type of recommendation from our clients. We are very cooperative and try our best to satisfy our clients.


Finding the right and advanced nursing home care is a tough challenge in recent times. It is essential to start searching for a nursing home service in Dhaka properly before taking this service to your house. Repeatedly changing the establishment of service providers can also cause troubles for the patient, so you need to think about what to do.

Call us to get the perfect service you need.

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